WVSC is committed to:

  1. Encourage athletes to develop a life long appreciation for physical activity, skiing, & ski racing.
  2. Ensure athletes are exposed to enjoyable & educational experiences which allow them opportunity to find personal success.
  3. Making our sport accessible for as wide a group of participants as possible.
  4. Use skill development for purpose of ski racing to assist athletes in learning essential “life” skills.
  5. Create an environment where athletes may become world class skiers, while ensuring that all learn skills which allow them to become world class citizens.

Ski racing is first and foremost about competing with ourselves, NOT others. Our goal is to encourage an appreciation for effort, for trying to do one’s best, for trying to succeed in a purposeful pursuit. We are learning skills to use them to better ourselves, not to beat others. We are not competing for glory at other’s expense, but for validation of our efforts and demonstration of skills that have been learned.

This means that our programs and training are about development, not results.