Windermere Valley Ski Club AGM 2016/17 Season

Windermere Valley Ski Club


Tuesday October 4, 2016 7:00pm

Hoffos Residence, Windermere

You are invited to attend this year’s Annual General Meeting.

WMSC is run by volunteers and it needs your help to grow and continue. There are positions open on the executive (as outlined below) for 2016/2017.

  1. Adoption of Minutes, WVSC AGM 2015
  2. Financial Review 2015/16 – Gerri
  3. Review of the BC Alpine Training Center – Helmut
  4. Coaching Staff – Helmut Spiegl, Janice Morgan, Mike Lewis
  5. Panorama Instructors
  6. Review of proposed Training Calendar 2016/17 – Helmut/ Janice
  7. Review of Race Schedule
  8. Snow Stars races,  proposed special events
  9. Nomination for Election of Officers
  • President                     Jenny Hoffos
  • Treasurer                    Gerri Brightwell
  • Alpine Chair
  • Registrar                     Renee Franken
  • Snow Stars Parents     Kirsten and Mark Boulay
  • Directors                     Alison Brown, Gordon Bagan


10.  Ski Swap – Sat. Nov. 5th – Jenny

11.  WVSC Web site –Done by Tracy Connery

12.  New Business



AGM October 7th, 7pm

As noted last week, our AGM will be held this Tuesday, Oct 7th, at 7:00 pm at the Hoffos residence in Windermere. For those of you unfamiliar, the location is upstairs of the General Store, kitty corner of the White House Pub.

We hope that many of you can make it to discuss this year’s program possibilities. The agenda is:

1. Adoption of minutes, WVSC AGM 2013
2. Financial Review 2013/14 – Gerri
3. Introduction of Plan and Budget for 2014/15
4. Coaching Staff – Helmut Spiegl
Mike Lewis, Janice Morgan
Panorama Instructors
5. Review of Training Schedule 2014/15 – Helmut
6. Review of Race Schedule
Snow Stars races
7. Nomination for Election of Officers:
President Jenny Hoffos
Treasurer Gerri Brightwell
Alpine Chair Colleen Bermel
Registrar Helmut Spiegl
Snow Stars Parent Alison Brown
Directors Rene Franken, Neil Carey
8. Team Fundraising – Ski Swap – Sat. Oct 11th – Jenny
9. Kootenay FIS Team Van – Helmut
10. WVSC Web site – Done by Tracy Connery