Our Coaching Staff 2012 – 2013

Head Coach – Helmut Spiegl

 Helmut is a world renowned coach who brings years of experience ranging from coaching grass roots clubs like Red Mountain Racers, regional and provincial ski teams to Olympic teams. Helmut has enjoyed great success at all levels of his coaching during the past 30 years. The career highlights so far have undoubtedly been his coaching assignments at four Winter Olympic Games.

His vast experience and knowledge, thoughtful and friendly approach make him a perfect fit for this job.

Helmut will oversee and direct all programs and will ski and coach our K1 and K2 athletes on the weekends and work with the FIS program during midweeks.

Helmut has lived in the valley since 1986 and makes his home in Brisco with his wife and two daughters, who also take part in the program.

U 6 – U 14 Programs –

Stuart Munro 

Helmut Spiegl

We have had great success with our collaboration with the Panorama Snow School we will continue on this course for the upcoming winter.

Their professional staff under the guidance of Snow School Director Jason Simpson will guarantee the best possible program for all entry level age groups and the fastest possible progression.

The instructors are equipped with an arsenal of helpful exercises to teach all children the fundamentals of skiing technique.  They spend part of the morning taking the kids through  brush gate courses specifically set up to master a new skill set or technique and then in the afternoon it’s off to explore the whole mountain, wherever they can find the best snow conditions.