Elite FIS


  •  to offer motivated athletes outside the provincial team programs this unique opportunity to reach their next competitive level of provincial or national ski team


  •  World class coaching

Helmut Spiegl will direct the program and will provide the athletes with world  class coaching and success proven leadership. Mike Lewis will be the FIS head coach and will guide the athletes with his technical expertise to unimaginable success.

  •  World class venue

Panorama Mountain Resort is the choice training site of many World Cup teams in preparation to the World Cup season. Excellent snow conditions, great variety of terrain and outstanding cooperation with the resort management team make it one of the best Alpine training and racing venues in the world

  •  World class program

The on snow program will run from Nov 15 – April 15

Andrew Lambert with FITsolutions designs individualized conditioning programs for all of our FIS athletes and offers year round maintenance and monitoring in conjunction with our ski coaching staff. Strength and conditioning will play a great role at this physically formative development stage of the FIS athletes.

Mental training and confidence building will be implemented through progressive relaxation techniques and visualizations.

Our program follows a model of strong and steady athlete development in tune with the athletes’ technical, physical, mental and emotional status quo as prescribed by ACA’s Long Term Athlete Development Model.

This program is being offered to Canadian and US FIS athletes looking for the extra edge to achieve their goals.

Accommodation and transport

Shared accommodation will be available in Invermere. The shuttle tp Panorama resort is free. there will also be car pool opportunities with the coaching staff.

Contacts: helmimagic@uniserve.com or call Helmut Spiegl at 1.250.341.1650